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Studio Policies Procedures 2023-2024

Please initial each section, sign/date at the end, and return this form to Mrs.Krema Lyutskanova/Piano Teacher/. By signing this agreement, you agree to respect and abide by the teacher’s policies.

  • General Information | Weekly private lessons are offered in 30,45 or 60-minute sessions, depending on the student’s age/level. 
  • Materials | The teacher will obtain all needed books and materials for the student. The level material is a $ 25 non-refundable fee-it is usually enough to cover the cost of books and materials for the whole level for most students; however, if it is not enough the student/parent is expected to cover the additional costs. (Theory books are not included)
  • Calendar and Schedule | The tuition rates are determined based on every 4 weeks(assuming 4 weeks per month)
  • Tuition and Payment –Payment Tuition is equal Monthly (30min,45min. or 60min./week)/4 sessions Installments. Payments are before each first lesson or the last 4th lesson

Sample-Academic year plan options:

45 minutes lessons-for a plan with payment every 4 weeks:

Tuition per lesson: $55

– Number of lessons in 48 weeks: 48 lessons

– Tuition for 48 lessons: 48 * $55 = $2,640

– Final tuition sum: $2,640

For a 6-month payment plan:

– Tuition for 48 lessons: $2,640 (as calculated above)

– Number of months in 6 months: 6

– Monthly payment: $2,640 / 6 = $440

For a month-to-month payment plan:

– Tuition for 48 lessons: $2,640 (as calculated above)

– Number of months in 48 lessons: 12 (assuming 4 weeks per month)

– Monthly payment: $2,640 / 12 = $220

60 minutes lessons-For a plan with payment every 4 weeks:

Tuition per lesson: $70

– Number of lessons in 48 weeks: 48 lessons

– Tuition for 48 lessons: 48 * $70 = $3,360

– Final tuition sum: $3,360

For a 6-month payment plan:

– Tuition for 48 lessons: $3,360 (as calculated above)

– Number of months in 6 months: 6

– Monthly payment: $3,360 / 6 = $560

For a month-to-month payment plan:

– Tuition for 48 lessons: $3,360 (as calculated above)

– Number of months in 48 lessons: 12 (assuming 4 weeks per month)

– Monthly payment: $3,360 / 12 = $280

Please note that these calculations assume consistent weekly lessons over the of the academic year. It’s essential to discuss and finalize the payment terms with Krema Lyutskanova to ensure accuracy and mutual agreement based on the specific lesson duration and cost.

4X30 MINUTES LESSONS$152.00 (4 lessons)
4X45 MINUTES LESSONS$220.00 (4 lessons)
4X60 MINUTES LESSONS$280.00 (4 lessons)
4X90 MINUTES LESSONS$380.00 (4 lessons)

Registration and Tuition Fees:

The annual fee for one student is $47.00 per year.

The annual fee for returning students is $30 per year.

Individualized Material Fees(theory books not included) per level: $25.00  or Students have the option to buy the Required Piano Books according to the level. Payments are given to the teacher before the lesson-preferable cash, checks, and bank transfers are also available through Zelle.  The late Payment Fee is $25. The teacher reserves the right to raise fees at the beginning of each new academic year.     

MISSED CLASSES:   NO MAKEUPS. I am very blessed to have a full piano studio and rarely have a break between students. I do not have time to make up for missed lessons. Therefore, there is no reduction in tuition for missed lessons.  Activities such as family vacations, field trips, spring breaks, doctor and dentist appointments, and sports events do not qualify for a reduction in piano tuition.  The tuition you pay reserves your time. 

  • SUMMER LESSONS: My piano studio requires students to attend during the summer.  There is no reduction in your piano tuition for taking a vacation or a summer break.  If you will miss more than 1 week, please let me know.  Remember, the tuition you pay reserves your time, & day, whether you attend or not.  Students are expected to continue lessons in the summer months. It is my experience that when students take a break from the piano, their skills, practicing habits, and hand muscle memory decrease. If a spot is still available when students return in the fall, I have to review old materials and re-establish good piano skills and techniques again. If a spot is not available, students will be placed on a waiting list.


Phone calls, text messages, and e-mails will not be accepted as a form of withdrawal, or break.


A two-month written notice is required before, and a two-month payment is expected whether the student attends their last 2 months or not. E-mails will be accepted as a form of withdrawal or break.

Any withdrawal with less than the required notice, or conducted via telephone, will incur a $35.00 drop fee.

  • TERMINATION:  I reserve the right to terminate any student immediately, and without a refund for any reason, at the sole discretion of my Studio. If Studio terminates lessons, tuition will NOT BE REFUNDED

-Students are expected to: Treat  Mrs.Krema Lyutskanova, other students, and parents respectfully

-Keep your required lesson materials and books neat.                                                                      

-Complete practice and written assignments

  • General Rules:

1. Proper attire and grooming are expected!  Make sure the student’s hands are clean. Nails should be trimmed and clean.                   

  2. Parental attendance is permitted but not encouraged unless the student is 4 years old.Some children behave better if the parent stays away from the piano room.  If a parent does attend the piano lesson, please refrain from talking to or correcting the student during the lesson, so the student can build a trusting, positive, and respectful relationship with me. 


3. Daily practice is REQUIRED!!!!  The following are the minimum times to practice:                          

Beginning: – Parents are expected to supervise and help all students, 7 years old and younger.  For very young students, 2 sessions of 15 minutes should suffice. For older students, 30 minutes is the minimum.  However, the student should practice as much as he/she needs.  Each individual is different, but no practice session should end in less than 30 minutes.                                                                       

Intermediate: – Students should practice a minimum of 1 hour per day.                                                                                

  Advanced: – Students should practice 2 hours minimum per day.

4. Politeness and respect are expected from both parents and students. I reserve the right to terminate a student immediately and without a refund for just cause. Inappropriate behavior by the student and/or parent, etc.


1. Provide a good functional and tuned instrument.  I am a proponent of full-size acoustic pianos, however, nowadays good electronic instruments that are full size (all 88 keys), have all pedals (at least two, sustain and soft pedals), and are capable of dynamics (the ability to control the volume of the sound through the touch of the performer), in addition to having weighted keys (to simulate the action of an acoustic instrument) are available at a reasonable price.

2. Set a regular practice schedule that is realistic and CONSISTENT.                                                   

EVERYDAY practice is required!  Consistency is the key to creating the habit of practicing every day. 

3. Practice time at home without the distractions of TV, Radio, and/or relatives walking, playing, or talking around the practicing room is indispensable.

4. Materials and books must be purchased immediately (if assigned).

5. Parents and students are expected to be on time. My responsibility to the student starts when the student enters the lesson room and ends when the second student leaves the room.

6. Recitals: Two Mandatory Recitals: the Holiday Recital (first week of December) and the Annual Piano Recital is at the end of April or May-Final Piano Examination for all students (usually a week before Memorial Day weekend) students have the opportunity to prepare for and perform at Showcase recitals as a celebration of their accomplishments during the year. Students perform at the discretion of their teacher and the audience is invited. 

The recital Fee is $35 per student.

All students have the opportunity to participate in any MTNA,KMTA,TMTA Festivals, Showcase Community Recitals, and Competitions. Parents are expected to take students to recitals and master classes when they are offered.  Parents and family participation is expected and encouraged.

7. Any questions and/or inquiries regarding lessons are to be handled at the student’s lesson time or by appointment. Or you are more than welcome to call at ‪(832) 305-6108‬ or email at or


Photos of students, and video and audio recordings of student projects and performances may be posted online and used by the instructor for promotional and workshop materials. Identifying information will be excluded or limited to first names only. Parents wishing to exempt their students from any published media may do so by providing a written exclusion request.


Parent/Student (18 years old or more):

Student DOB:

 *Please Sign and Return to or in Studio or simply check Yes! I agree to Studio Policy during online registration


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