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Piano Lessons with Mrs.Krema Piano Lessons with Mrs.Krema Best in Richmond Texas

Piano and Music Theory Lessons for All Ages and Levels. Includes Music Theory, Sight Reading, and Solfeggio

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Best Piano Lessons for Kids and Adult in Richmond! Unleash your potential with our certified expert teacher Mrs.Krema Lyutskanova

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Top-notch piano lessons and music theory in Richmond, TX. Tailored for all ages. Start your musical journey now!

Best Music Theory Lessons

Immerse in comprehensive music theory and sight-reading. Elevate skills with Texas State Eexams. Join for a harmonious musical journey!

“When you play, never mind who listens to you.”
― Robert Schumann

Mrs.Krema Lyutskanova’s private piano and music theory lessons are extremely individualized depending on the ages and the best interests of each student! They are designed to allow students to discover their musicality by exploring the instrument through gentle guidance from the teacher.

To help my students look forward to music lessons, all students are allowed to play piano music they like in addition to the traditional repertoire. Most students begin lessons with a negative opinion of “Classical” music and leave with a newfound appreciation and love for the genre.

Piano Lessons for Kids Piano Lessons for Kids  in Richmond, Texas

Students of Mrs.Krema Lyutskanova

Unique and Creative

My piano and music theory lessons for preschool and kindergarteners are unique because I  find creative ways to make the lessons fun, while gently introducing your child to music.To make the learning process engaging, lessons for young children usually include movement, such as clapping, dancing, snapping their fingers, singing, or marching in place.I  tap into your child’s imagination and change my teaching techniques to fit each child, so that I may best help them understand music.

Is my child old enough to take piano lessons?

The majority of students are ready to take lessons by the age of 5; however, some may be prepared as young as age 3 or 4. I accept students for piano beginning at age 4.

What does my child need to know before beginning lessons?

Students should be able to say their alphabet (from A at least) and know how to count to 5 before beginning lessons.
It helps if your child has an interest in music, but even if they do not visibly show it by singing or dancing often, most children find that they enjoy playing after just a couple of months of lessons!

As a parent, how much do I have to be involved in the lessons?

It is up to you as a parent to make practicing part of your daily schedule. Within a few months, most young students realize that while it takes work to learn to play music, it has very satisfying results.

You must have the time to set aside time each day to practice with your child to offer encouragement and a guiding hand. Most young children are not as motivated as older children to do the correct kind of practice: part of the music lesson process at young ages is to help develop attention to detail & attention span for practice, as well as patience with themselves as the learning process is new to them.



SHOWCASE students of Mrs.Krema Lyutskanova


SHOWCASE students of Mrs.Krema Lyutskanova

Piano Lessons for Adults Piano Lessons for Adults  in Richmond, Texas

It’s never too late to start playing a musical instrument. If you can move your fingers and sit on a piano bench for one hour, you can take piano lessons and be making music in just weeks!
I’d be happy to set you up and come to your home.

Benefits of Piano Lessons as an Adult

  • keep your mind active (“use it or lose it”, as they say)
  • relax and enjoy playing music
  • tap into your creative side and expand your horizons
  • wow your family and friends with your new talents
  • learn holiday and special occasion music
  • help your children or grandchildren with their practicing

  • make a new friend with your piano teacher
  • challenge yourself and make goals
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Basic Music Theory

Prepare for success with the opportunity for all students to take  Texas Music Theory Tests, gaining formal recognition for their musical proficiency and accomplishments.


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Online Piano and Music Theory Lessons Online Piano and Music Theory Lessons ZOOM | FaceTime | Skype

Find your piano potential with Krema Academy of Music and Arts-winning online piano lessons for kids & adults. Start to learn piano today! For kids 5+.

Get Personalized Piano Lessons from Mrs.Krema, which gives you access to the best piano teachers located in Texas!

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Group Piano Classes

Age 6-8 (4 students per class)

Engaging Instruction:

Mrs. Krema provides interactive and enjoyable music theory lessons, ensuring that students find the learning process both interesting and memorable.


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Clear and Personalized Teaching

Benefit from Mrs. Krema’s clear explanations of complex concepts, tailored to individual learning styles and paces, fostering a solid understanding for all students.

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Group Piano Classes | Age 6-8

Pre-Registration is Now OPEN

Enrollment commences on April 1st, 2024. Pre-enroll your child to reserve a spot for the 24-week course. The course starts May 17th,2024. Once all spots are filled, enrollment will close. Pre-enrollment forms for the subsequent 24-week course will be made available.


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Latest News

Stay in tune with the latest musical happenings at Krema Academy of Music and Arts! Explore our Social Widget for the freshest updates on piano lessons, music theory insights, and exciting events. Join our community of music enthusiasts as we share the joy of learning and creating beautiful melodies together. Connect, engage, and be part of the musical conversation – because at Krema Academy, music is more than just notes, it’s a shared passion!

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Try Out lesson $47.00

30 min. One Time Private Lesson

All Ages | All Levels

Embark on a delightful piano journey suitable for all ages and skill levels. Explore basic keyboard skills and craft your first melodies in this hands-on, introductory session.
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Perfect for beginners or anyone curious about the enchanting world of music.

 Let's have Fun and Play!

Let's have Fun and Play!

Private Lessons $152.00

4 x 30.min.lessons

Age 4 ONLY

Tailored Learning: Customized lessons featuring content suitable for the unique needs of each 4-year-old student.
Individualized Study Plans: Personalized curricula designed to nurture the development of specific skills for young learners.
Showcasing Progress: Inclusive recitals, providing opportunities for all little performers to display their achievements.
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Private Lessons $220.00

4 x 45.min.lessons

Age 4 and UP

Personalized Learning: Tailored lessons that include age-appropriate content for each student’s unique needs.
Customized Curriculum: Individualized plans for personalized skill development.
Performance Opportunities: Inclusive recitals, festivals, and competitions for all students to showcase their progress
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Private Lessons $280.00

4 x 60 min.lessons

Age 6 and UP

Dynamic 60-Minute Piano Lessons
Explore piano fundamentals, including music theory, sight reading, and solfeggio.
Seize opportunities to participate in recitals, festivals, and competitions.
Prepare for exams while enjoying a comprehensive musical learning experience tailored for ages 6 and up
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Excellence Excellence In Music Education

Credentials and Active Member

MA in Piano Pedagogy and Art History 

Bachelor of Music Education 

 Music Teachers National  Association (MTNA)

Texas Music Teachers Association (TMTA)

 Former Member MTAC (California)

Programs Preparations

Programs Preparations

Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) | Texas Music Teachers Association (TMTACompetitions and Festivals

TMTA Theory Test

RCM Prep | ABRSM Exams Prep

Two Mandatory Recitals Krema Academy of Music and Arts 


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